Adam & Eve 20 years later.

We are used to the fact that in painting Adam and Eve are depicted in Paradise or immediately after exile. Few people think what will become of them in the future, what they have become, how their bodies and their relationships have changed, what they had to go through. 

All men and women are Adams and Eves. Joining their destinies together, they embark on an unknown path that will lead them hand in hand to the end of the earthly path. If they are strong enough to stay together for years to come, change together, grow old together.

My story is the story of the real Adam and Eve, after 20 years of marriage, after three children, after emigrating to another country, and after cancer.Aside from a few wrinkles, they look much the same, but older. They have a close, longtime relationship and their love for each other has solidified into a friendship that can withstand anything. They have seen the world and taken many trips to places they never knew they would go. They have seen sadness and joy together. Over the years, they have developed a quiet understanding of each other. They stayed together, they became stronger, they survived and move on, holding hands.