Japanese Fairytales

Having spent a decade immersed in the bustling abundance of New York, I grew weary of its excess: too many people, buildings, shops, cars, amusements, noise, flashes, hustle, and flow.

Drawn to redirect my gaze towards minimalism and inner stillness, I found resonance in the realm of classical Japanese art. Minimal shades, the deliberate strokes of calligraphy brushes, meditative stone gardens, antique silk kimonos, the minimalism of interiors, subdued voices, light-brown golden hues, the fluidity of water, and the blossoming sakura became the visual essence of my new project, 'Japanese Fairytales.'

The women within it stand in stark contrast to the modern American woman. They are slow, quiet, fluid like a river, draped in intricate attire, commanding nature, thoughts, and emotions. They don’t rush headlong into the chaos of school and work; instead, they hover over this world, bestowing upon it harmony, tranquility, and beauty.

I yearn to take a step closer to these enchanting women. To slightly decelerate my life’s rhythm, shed the perpetual denim, let my hair grow, and finally hear my intuition, my inner voice, easily lost in the rhythm of the metropolis.